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Child Abuse Research Education and Service Institute

The Art & Science of Healing Children

For over three decades, the Rowan-Virtua CARES Institute has provided help and compassion – and ultimately, hope – for children who have experienced abuse or trauma. The CARES Institute is acknowledged as a center of excellence in healing children and families who have experienced abuse, neglect and/or other traumatic experiences.

The Healing Starts Here

Education, Experience & Empathy

The CARES Institute provides an array of medical and mental health services developed to meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of children through an individualized plan for the specific circumstances of each child and family.

The children visiting the CARES Institute are comforted by the safe, predictable and healing environment provided by our expert medical and mental health professionals. Our inter-disciplinary approach utilizes state of the art medical services and evidence-based mental health practices to support the overall health and well-being of children and families. The staff members at the CARES Institute provide a nurturing environment in which children and families can heal.

Our Offices:

The CARES Institute has two locations to service our community.

STRATFORD: 42 E. Laurel Road, Suites 1100 & 1200

VINELAND: 3360 College Drive, Suite B

PHONE: 856-566-7036

For directions and campus map, check out our About Us page.

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