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Child Abuse Research Education and Service Institute

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Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

We also provide specialized comprehensive psychological evaluations of children in cases when sexual abuse is suspected, but has not been clearly substantiated by law enforcement and/or CP&P. These unclear allegations of sexual abuse require a more extensive and comprehensive mental health evaluation. This evaluation attempts to clarify what may or may not have happened to the child, assist with informed decision making, and aid in case planning and service provision for the child and family. While these evaluations are more often indicated in cases of suspected sexual abuse, they may also be appropriate in cases of suspected neglect or physical abuse.

Our specially-trained psychologists integrate findings obtained through multiple methods of inquiry and from multiple sources. This includes interview sessions with the child, as well as interviews with parents, caregivers and other parties. The evaluators utilize standardized psychological measures of the child’s functioning and review relevant records provided. 

The CARES Institute may be asked to provide this type of comprehensive assessment when a case has allegations involving very young or developmentally immature children, allegations emerging in the context of contentious divorce, custody and visitation disputes, or limited, inconsistent and/or ambiguous disclosures of sexual abuse.