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New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging

Clinical Services and Programs

Rowan-Virtua NJISA physicians are trained in the care of individuals age 65 and older. We provide integrated, team-based health care that addresses a variety of health care needs, from screening and preventive services, to managing chronic disease and associated complex medical problems. Our physicians can provide ongoing primary care or serve as consultants to other primary care or specialty providers.
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    Memory Assessment Program (MAP)

    The Memory Assessment Program (MAP) is a specially designed program that identifies the possible causes of memory loss or other problems associated with thinking or daily function. Our team includes a geriatrician/geriatric psychiatrist, neuropsychologist and licensed clinical social worker. We provide a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the patient’s physical and medical conditions, thinking and memory, mood, functional abilities and social supports. The team then meets with the patient and family to discuss the findings, make recommendations and establish an ongoing plan of care. View the MAP brochure.

    To make an appointment in our Stratford office, call 856-566-6843.

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    Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Program

    Our goal is to help you age successfully and maintain independence, even as your needs change. Our whole-person plan of care considers lifestyle, economics, support systems and individualized needs and values, ensuring that your abilities are utilized in the best possible way. NJISA physicians are available to provide ongoing primary care medical services and medication management, or can provide consultation services and make recommendations with your primary physician.

    To make an appointment in our Stratford office, call 856-566-6843.

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    Neuropsychological Testing

    Sometimes memory problems, difficulty concentrating or loss of ability to carry on daily activities requires more in-depth evaluation. Please call our office at 856-566-6843 to inquire about neuropsychological testing. Some insurances require a referral from the patient's primary care physician for this evaluation. When you call, our staff will request the patient's insurance coverage information and your contact information. You will receive a call from one of our neuropsychologists, who will explain the testing process and ask questions to determine if the patient is able to engage in extended evaluation and cognitive testing.

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    Huntington's Disease Family Service Center

    Huntington’s disease is a genetically-determined disorder of movement, mood and cognitive function. As the southern New Jersey regional site of the Huntington’s Disease Family Service Center, NJISA offers a comprehensive program for the evaluation of new, previously undiagnosed patients and provides continuing care for patients with an established diagnosis. Patients and their families are also encouraged to attend a monthly support group to discuss the challenges of living with the disease with others who share a diagnosis.

    To make an appointment in our Stratford office, call 856-566-6843.

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    Supportive Counseling

    We offer a customized team-based approach to maximize the well-being of older adults, their families and caregivers who seek services through NJISA. Clinical social workers  provide consultation, referrals, and supportive counseling for the treatment of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Ongoing caregiver support, education and family sessions are available to loved ones of people living with dementia to help reduce caregiver burden and increase access to community-based programs.

    To make an appointment in our Stratford office, call 856-566-6843.

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    House Calls Program

    We bring the doctor’s office to your home. Our physician and nurse practitioner provide person-centered care to patients who may have a chronic illness or other health problem, which makes it difficult to leave home. This is particularly important when the patient has been discharged from a hospital or nursing home and can benefit from close follow-up care. House Calls lets us get to know our patients and their families or caregivers in the home setting, and allows us to interact with home health nurses and other therapists who are involved in the patient’s care. Discover more details about the program here or view the House Calls brochure.

    To see if you or a loved one qualifies for the Rowan Medicine House Calls Program, contact us at 856-566-6989.

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    Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

    NJISA physicians are on staff at a number of area nursing homes, assisted living and residential facilities for primary care medical services. Since we are always adding additional facilities, please call 856-566-7062 to see if a NJISA physician provides services in a particular facility.

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    Community Education Programs

    NJISA regularly offers a variety of education programs on aging-related issues for the public. Topics cover areas such as wellness, exercise, improving memory, Alzheimer’s disease, managing medications, nutrition and other timely information that can help adults age successfully.

    To make an appointment in our Stratford office, call 856-566-6843.