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Centers & Institutes

Centers and Institutes

  • Rowan Integrated Special Needs Center
    Rowan Integrated Special Needs Center

    The Rowan Integrated Special Needs (RISN) Center provides South Jersey with its first special needs primary care facility, focused on care-coordination of integral services for the special needs population. RISN creates the foundation, bridge and path for patients and caregivers to help them thrive into adulthood.

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  • CARES Institute
    CARES Institute

    For nearly two decades, the CARES Institute has provided help and compassion–and ultimately, hope–for children who have experienced abuse. The CARES Institute is acknowledged as a model of excellence in healing children and families who have experienced abuse, neglect and violence.

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    New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging

    Since 1989, the New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging (NJISA), a recognized "center of excellence" based at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM), has served older individuals and their families, providing medical care in varied settings and offering training for health professionals of multiple disciplines.

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  • CGTC
    Cell and Gene Therapy Center

    The focus of this Center of Excellence within the Department of Cell Biology is the development of promising innovative approaches to treat neurological disorders such as Canavan Disease, Tay Sachs Disease, Sandhoff Disease and Alzheimers Disease. The Center's Director is Paola Leone, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cell Biology.

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  • NMI
    NeuroMusculoskeletal Institute

    The NeuroMusculoskeletal Institute (NMI) offers a variety of services that target diseases affecting the neuromuscular system. At our comprehensive pain center we evaluate and treat both acute and chronic pain. Our doctors have a special interest in low back pain, spinal injuries and neuropathic injuries. We have onsite physical therapy and athletic trainers through the Wellness Center. 

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  • Weight Management
    Center for Medical Weight Loss and Metabolic Control

    The Rowan Medicine Department of Family Medicine took an urgent health care need that is integrally reflected in both the Healthy 2010 and Healthy 2020 reports, and created innovative clinical and academic programs to respond to the growing problem of obesity.  The approach is comprehensive, recognizing the significant role played by lifestyle factors. 

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